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The ruler of all trimmings and timings. Someone has to take the reins of this Christmas carriage, and you’re the one to do it. Confident, unflappable and totally in control, you make sure everything is running to schedule, ensuring every morsel is mouth watering. Christmas-maker-in-chief, we salute you.

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Marie Rayner, food blogger at The English Kitchen and Chief

Christmas is all about the turkey, the gravy and the stuffing. There are lots of recipes and hints out there to give you perfect roast spuds and sprouts, but here are my sure fire ways to make sure you have the tastiest turkey ever, along with perfect gravy, and a delicious stuffing.

Perfectly roasted 


Your bird is done when the juices run clear when the thickest part of the thigh is pierced with a fork, and a meat thermometer inserted between the thigh and breast should read 83°C. Set aside, cover with foil, and allow to rest for 30 minutes before carving.

Proper gravy  

gravy sam

Use the juices from the turkey pan to make the gravy. Strain juices into a measuring jug, discarding solids, reserving two tbspn of fat. Deglaze roasting pan with stock, then strain into jug. Heat the reserved fat in a clean pot. Whisk in two tbsp. of flour until smooth, then slowly add the juices until the mixture thickens.

Delicious stuffing 

stuffing sam

Stuffing should be a beautiful mix of flavours and moist with just enough spice to bring out the best flavours of your bird. It’s easily made the day before and popped into the oven to bake along with the bird for the last 45 minutes of roasting time.

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